599 / 612 window switch fix - stronger than ever

Discussion in '612/599' started by brogenville, Apr 9, 2020.

  1. brogenville

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    Apr 24, 2012
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    Hi guys,
    As you may know, the little window switches used on 612's and 599's have a nasty habit of breaking, and in their wisdom, Ferrari (or Marelli) decided to integrate them into the door ecu's meaning you cant just buy replacement switches- you need to buy the complete ecu. There has been other methods of repairing these shown before, but I saw this and thought it looked better than the others. Its a little machined insert that replaces the vulnerable plastic parts with metal. Speak to Wil at Exoticars USA (not affiliated) if you fancy one.
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  3. Skidkid

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    John Zornes
    Looks nice and thank you
  4. tazandjan

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    Terry H Phillips
    Wil DeGroot can do just about anything automotive.
  5. 285ferrari

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    The 612 and 599 switches are totally different, the 599 switches do not have any issues breaking like the 612 ones do.
  6. Larsoni

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    Feb 12, 2020
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    Curtis A. Larson
    Thanks in advance, as my driver's side window switch is loose and wobbly, although still working...probably not for long. Greater detail on the fix referenced above would be appreciated.
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