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Discussion in '612/599' started by Ricambio, Nov 22, 2019.

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    Dec 30, 2016
    Hi there,

    trying to figure out what can be the problem with the TPMS, although, the yellow TPMS symbol on the cluster (right side) doesn't blink or stay ON, in the TFT display I can see in MODE selection there's no pressure in tire values at all, and will stay an alert (exclamation symbol) with a phrase (SYSTEM NOT PROGRAMMED) though, not yellow or red symbol of TPMS in the TFT display.

    Sure enough I have added and checked tire pressures as per manual and hold the TPMS button on the roof until I get the green symbol in the TFT display of Calibration Activaed (or something like that) and took the car several times for a spin and see if the system will learn the pressure but won't do it.

    Checked with my Autel scanner, and no DTC recorded. I even went to check the ID sensor per wheel and wrote them into the system, it shows each wheel sensor with the correct ID and even the scanner shows the real tire pressure each wheel has, yet the TFT won't display it.

    Any suggestions?

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    Brian Brown
    How far did you drive the car in TPMS calibration mode? It will typically take 15-20 miles to get the system to calibrate. If it still doesn't calibrate, then the TPMS ECU is probably defective and will need to be replaced. They go bad fairly often.

    Brian Brown
    San Francisco Motors
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  3. Ricambio

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    Dec 30, 2016
    Sorry for the late reply. Maybe 2 miles or so at most (city driven) . I told the owner, as per suggestion here, that the car will need to be driven 15-20 miles after activation of the CALIBRATION with the button and see how it goes. Same was for another 599 (HGTE) that left the shop after some fixes we did and small details of the paint we did. We will see if hitting the highway does the trick for both owners...I will report back when I get results.

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    As Brian says, sometimes I had to drive for 3/4 of an hour after hitting the reset button.
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    Jeremy Grimes
    This has been my experience as well with my car. I've had it take as long as 45 minutes to an hour.

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    It sometimes took me an hour with my 599 to get it to calibrate- often it was faster. With my GTC4 Lusso just switched to snow tires, it took me 45 minutes, I was on the phone with my service advisor about to see about bringing the car in, and then voila! The tire screen came up!

    Another possibility is the TPMS batteries may be gone?

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