67 365GT V12 Engine Number Question

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    I have a 67 365GT 2+2 I bought last year and when I was checking the engine number I notice (11139) did not match my chassis so I did a little research and I had a friend call Ferrari Classic and they stated it was a engine for a 69 365 2+2 but the research I found said it could be to a 67 330GTS per the engine production number. Can someone please shed some light on this for me?
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    To me 11139 seems late to be. 330 block. Is it a 209 or something else?


    Art S.
  3. Birel

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    Andrew Turner

    #11139 is a 365GT 2+2 engine.
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    Carbon McCoy
    Are you saying your chassis number is 11139, or the engine in your car is stamped 11139? The engine type for the Queen Mother is 245.
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    Why do you think your car was built in 1967?
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    Terry H Phillips
    11139 was a very early Euro 365GT 2+2 engine, number 19 in build order of the 901 built, according to Matthias Urban's book.
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    First Off, Thank you everyone for the information. No my Chassis number is *11711* and the engine is 11139. I keep hearing conflicting reports about it not matching the car. I am trying to find out if it is a matching number car or not.
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    11139GT is/was also a 365 GT 2+2 as the others above have said and according to Stan Nowak and Rob de la Rive Box's book Ferrari On The Road, so it has the correct tipo 245 engine number but it's not a matching serial numbers car.
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    Stefano Caretti
    Hello there,

    I know this post is a bit old, but I am doing research for a 365 gt 2+2 registry and would love to get a picture or two of your car. Thank you in advance.



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