69 vette spun bearing =(

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    Well, let me start off saying that my dad is NOT a reckless driver and this occurred in on of the very few spots where he will open the car up. We have a black 69 vette coupe (see profile for pic) with a 72 350 corvette engine in it. It is now a 383 stroker, We bored it thirty thousandths over, and put in a 400 ci crank. The cam has .495 lift, basically this engine RIPPED with about 425 hp with our exhaust set up. So my dad and I just got the engine back together about 3 weeks before we did this after we had to replace a bad valve guide. This was only about our 3 or 4th cruise and my dad and I took it to park ave. where you can really open it up. We did a couple runs and on one of them my dad was flat shifting 3rd and his hand slipped off the shifter due to a chrome shifter ball (bought that way.) This revved the engine to over 8,000 RPM and for those of you who know strokers that is WAY to high. Everything was fine however. Quite a while later on the way home he did one last run and as we slowed down al we hear was CLUNK CLUNK CLUNK.......not good. We both immediately knew it was a spun bearing =( So over the past week we have torn down the engine and are now ready to pull it out and get it reworked, it will be even more powerful than before. This is just venting because it is a huge bummer as spring is right around the corner. Tomorrow after school I will take a pic of what is left of the bearing, its ugly.
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