720S vs P1

Discussion in 'McLaren' started by ekovalsky, Dec 13, 2018.

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    It finally went down in FL... Dragtimes video not up yet but rumor is the 720S edged it out presumably in the 1/4 mi.

    When I bought my car the GM (at the time) of McLaren Houston told me the 720S was faster than the P1. I didn't believe that and still don't, in this race the R888R tires on the 720S probably almost certainly gave it an advantage. But I know the 720S has lapped some tracks faster and I guess it at least holds its own the 1/4 mi too. P1 is a good bit faster to 186 mph, so probably past 1/4 mi it will run away from the 720S (as well as the 918 which docouples its front electric motor near the 1/4 mi trap speed).

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    All comes down to launch control. P1 walks away at higher speeds.
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    which would you prefer to have?

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