A/C Compressor Replacement - 95 2.7

Discussion in '348/355' started by brendon0, Dec 4, 2019.

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    My compressor is blowing fuses. It looks like the magnetic clutch is grounding somewhere and overheating
    the wires and popping the fuse.

    My google-fu/ferrarichat search tells me the compressor is a Sanden SD7H15. I dont know the model.

    I was just going to replace the whole thing with a new SD7H15 since they are at most $300 and
    this is the original part.

    Sandens website is telling me there is a newer more efficient model "Enhanced SD7" Can anyone tell me which model numbers to get?

    Also - One of the sellers of the Enhanced SD7 is noting that max RPM is 6000 which obviously wont work - Does the 355 do a clutch disconnect at higher RPM's like the modern cars do? I know there is a full ECU
    specifc to the HVAC system. Or should I stick with the SD7H15? (maybe its a customized H15 to deal
    with higher RPM?)
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    Ian Riddell
    I went through this issue a while ago, and I couldn't find an enhanced model compatible with the F355. I also had problems finding a genuine Sanden SD7H15. I went with another Sanden model with an extra groove, but also had to swap over the cap with the fittings (a relatively easy job).

    Having said that, several F355's owners stateside have gone with " plug and play" Polar Bear Inc F355 compressor subsitutes. Polar Bear Inc is, fortunately for you, in your home state of Florida.

    I recall reading somewhere that the compressor is disengaged at high rpms (or perhaps engine loads). Looking at the wiring diagrams, indeed, there is an orange-white signal wire coming from the engine Motronic ECUs to the HVAC ECU which probably has that information on it. Also, the compressor is disengaged during engine start.

    Hope this helps
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    Miroljub Stojanovic
    Failures of the magnetic clutch windings are fairly common. I would just replace the clutch windings block - should be easy to find, easy job to replace.
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    Just as a reminder, engine RPM is unlikely to equal compressor RPM unless the two pulleys are exactly the same size. If you want to know that ratio, you'll need to measure both the crank pulley and the compressor pulley sizes.
  5. brendon0

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    Went with the polar bear plug n play solution since not that expensive and a new dryer going in as well.

    Thanks guys
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