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  1. OrangeFan

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    Jul 29, 2017
    I just purchased an F12 with matte white metallic paint. I've been reading as much as I can about taking care of the finish on the car and I'm getting a lot of mixed signals.

    1. Waxing - some say yes and some say no.
    2. Polishing - most say no, but not everybody.
    3. Clay - more say no than yes, but I can't imagine how I'd get the surface prepped for my final question...
    4. Ceramic Pro - I've done it on other cars with great results, and the installer seems to think that I can get all the benefits without altering the appearance of the paint as long as I keep it to two coats.

    Anybody have any experience with matte paint (not a wrap) they'd be willing to share?
  2. jrcdds

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    Nov 16, 2014
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    I've got a matte c63s....you can use a sealant made specifically for matte paint but not just any wax. Here's what I've done:

    -clear bra on FB entire car (Xpel Stealth-again you don't want to use glossy clear bra). Now to clarify on this car the yellow is glossy and so
    That part is covered in regular Xpel and the other areas are in the stealth film.
    -opticoat professionally applied to the door jams and other areas we could not cover with the Xpel stealth. I was surprised this could be done as I thought it was not for matte paint but it turned out well
    -I use Griots wash soap then Hydrate from Ammo when drying, both are safe on Matte. The Ammo Hydrate provides a bit of protection without the risk of building up at any edges of the clear bra

    Hope that helps!

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  3. lauris

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    Scott Laurie
    I dont have a matt cara but pal had a recent M3,

    can be waxed, but use speciic wax for matt finish, but the trouble with matt finish is its a nightmare to repair, you have to deal with gloss finish and colour match, simple swirls, scratches etc cannot be repaired !! as the normal process is to polish them out.

    The best thing to do is have the full car wrapped with hi end clear bra, in uk, about 3k max, it will protect you paint, if it gets damaged chipped them peel off and replace with simliar matt clera bra, there are various on the market, but its the best long term protection you will get for your paint and the cheapest and best repair method for light scratches, swirls, etc, etc, etc,

  4. JoshVette

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    To protect it I would just throw out any risk of messing it up and have it wrapped with matte clear paint protection film.
  5. marknkidz

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    Matte Audi R8 GT here... NEVER wax!! as others said.. use specific Matte products. I Use Dr. Beasley matte paint finish products. Also had car wrapped with Stealth matte finish film.. Car is very easy to take care of, it actually looks closer to New than any other gloss paint car ive seen of same vintage.

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  6. OrangeFan

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    Jul 29, 2017
    These comments have all been very helpful. Thanks, guys!

    When you guys with the clear wraps wash and protect your cars, do you treat the clear wrap as though it's matte paint. So, going by marknkidz suggestion of using Dr. Beasley's matte products, do you use those over the clear wrap? Or, do you use normal car finish products with the clear wrap?
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  8. Hollywood Cars

    Oct 7, 2017
    Hollywood Califonia
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    Jerel Nixon

    I have always used normal car finishes with clear wraps. We do them all the time in our shop. I haven't heard of Dr. Beasley's matte products before but if it fits in the category of normal detail supplies it should work as well. Here is a video of where we wrapped a 2017 Ferrari F12 in the clear protection wrap. We used regular car finishes and you can see the after:


    I hope that helps!
  9. jrcdds

    jrcdds Rookie

    Nov 16, 2014
    I THINK (key word) you can treat Xpel Stealth film like regular paint.......that being said I have not due the fact my car is fully wrapped and due to some areas having matte paint and others being gloss there are seams that could easily trap sealant or wax and result in white lines.....which would be terrible! My solution and it seems to be working so far (I've only had the car 10mo) is to use Hydrate from Ammo NYC, that provides some protection and is safe to use on matte paint.....in case I did not say it I also had the wheels, door jams, trunk jams, ect ect (anywhere not wrapped) treated with Opticoat

    Hope that helps,
  10. daytona355

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    Mar 25, 2009
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    Sid Korshak
    That's one mean Mercedes! Awesome paint job
  11. jrcdds

    jrcdds Rookie

    Nov 16, 2014
  12. PaulK

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    Apr 24, 2004
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    I am curious... What happens if you wax a matte finish? Will it then just come through as though the paint has been clear coated? Or does it permanently screw up the paint?

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