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Discussion in '308/328' started by sltillim, Nov 15, 2018.

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    Nov 22, 2009
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    Spencer Tillim
    I was moving Bambina to my new garage . She's been up on jack stands for months with the battery unplugged, waiting on work to be done - I just got a little busy. I decided to move and got a new garage in downtown San Diego. I had to get out of this garage in a day or get charged more for moving and I still had a load of cleaning. I lowered the car, hooked up the battery and turned the key. NOTHING.... not even a click. I ran to the store and bought a new battery. I turned the key and still nothing. I figured a wire had gone loose but where? Was it a ground or somewhere around the starter / alternator? I checked the points and plugs and then thought I "Wait, I would have at least seen the instruments come to life it it got this far.. She (almost) always starts!" I wasn't about to lift her back up.

    Ugh, I'll tow it.

    I call AAA and request the flatbed. Of course he's late. I was able to push the car out of the garage. and line it up in my townhouse lineup of garages for an easy loading. He gets there and we winch her up on the bed.

    I'm following her on the freeway, seeing Bambina up in the air from behind in my girlfriends unnoticeable and practical, white civic. Over the hour drive we get stuck in gridlock and then it gets dark. She looks so sexy and different than anything surrounding us. I can see people in surrounding cars pointing and taking cell phone pics. We arrive downtown and a couple of turns to get to my new garage. It was the only garage I could find where a private home owner was renting it out and agreed on the basis that I would be doing car work. It's pretty big for a one-car and about a mile as the crow flies from our new "tiny living" condo in a safe neighborhood. I also bought a very expensive padlock. It will definitely do!

    We pull up to the garage and as the flatbed tilts back, I can see a red light on the dashboard - the alternator light!!! Even still, we rolled her off directly into the garage. This was one of the better tow drivers who used his instrument as would a surgeon. As Ace Ventura said, "Like a glove". I waited for the truck to leave before trying cranking it over. She turned but didn't catch and I think I flooded the carb trying. I went back the following day and it was warm out. She went on first try. Oh that sound and the smell - I'm in love just like the first time. Somehow the piggyback was just what she needed to be awakened from her slumber.

    What could have been an easy hour (or possibly a nightmare) turned out to last four hours. Was I mad, angry or frustrated? - No. It's just how we live with these machines. My girlfriend was a total trooper. I am already able to look back on it and laugh. Maybe one quick spin around town before I put her back up on the stands and get her ready for some long, overdue work.

    I will be chronicling the fixes on my youtube channel, mybmbina, and sharing the videos / fixes here on fchat. I'm a total amateur, so it will definitely be a learning experience.


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  2. miketuason

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    So, is it just the battery or something else?
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    Spencer Tillim
    I think there has to be some type of loose connection not at the battery. I have to check all the grounds and power connections. Perhaps it is time to replace a few cables....
  4. yelcab

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    Mitchell Le
    I remember that car. Loose connections, the story of its life.
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    interesting. I'll stay tuned for further developments.
  6. scowman

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    Stu Boogie
    Next time it does not crank, try jumping the starter. If the key won't crank it but you can jump the starter you have narrowed your problem considierably.

    On my 308 I ran a wire from the solenoid spade up to the coils. When I wanted to crank the engine from the back I just applied 12V to that wire off one of the coil leads via a Sear's starter trigger. This was another member's idea and I forget who but it's a great thing to have when your working on your car.

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