A HUGE Thanks To TheMayor and Rich at Wynn Ferrari!

Discussion in 'Arizona & New Mexico' started by Thorpiticus, Dec 5, 2012.

  1. Thorpiticus

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    I wanted to post a shoutout here to the enormous generosity shown to me by BOB and, through him, Rich at Penske-Wynn Ferrari.

    Bob contacted me and set up an appointment for me to view the collection (and even sit in his beautiful 458 Spider!) at the Wynn. Rich guided us all around the store, even giving my fiancee and I a souvenir picture in the downstairs showroom.

    It's an experience the average Joe such as myself will not soon forget, nor will I forget the generosity of these two gentlemen. Sharing the passion is truly the way to keep future generations of enthusiasts around, and this was an excellent example of that.

    Pictures to follow as soon as I catch up on some sleep! Thanks again guys!

  2. tblount

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    Sep 29, 2007
    Every time I'm in Vegas I always make sure to swing through Penske-Wynn for a minute or two to see what they have downstairs. Always some cool race cars and a good variety of different exotics down there. Never know what you will see in the work shop as well.

    I remember going through the Imperial Palace showroom and seeing my first XJ220 there and telling my father that he probably wouldn't ever see another one. About a hour later we were going downstairs at Penske-Wynn and there in the shop was another XJ220. Couldn't believe it.

    What all was downstairs when you were there? I am going to be back in Vegas in a couple weeks and plan on stopping by to see what all they have on display.
  3. Thorpiticus

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    It's a great collection! They had the race cars, a few 458s, tons of Masers, and my favorite of the bunch- SLR McLaren. They said they were 'light on inventory,' but it was more than enough for me!

  4. TheMayor

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    I'm glad it worked out. Post a few pics of your event if you get a chance. Rich and the guys are terrific.
  5. Ingenere

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    Rich is a true enthusiast
  6. Spdrcrj

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    Another vote for Rich here. He obtained a copy of my original window sticker from Ferrari for my CS. Same treatment too. I came to visit and look at a house this past summer and he took me downstairs, introduced me to everyone, and treated me well.

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