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    WHAT was a beautiful cool and crisp Sunday morning, and....

    WHAT owned a fast late model high performance vehicle, and....

    WHAT IF.... you had a deserted Nevada highway before you....


    Well, if it was the third Sunday in May, July or September and you have entered one of the Silver State Classic’s Open Road Rally could go down that highway as fast as you want to go...legally!


    Two times each year the State of Nevada, in cooperation with Silver State Classic Challenge, Inc., permits the closing of State Route #318 between Lund and Hiko, and once a year permits the closing of State Route #278 (in Eureka County), Nevada for the running of these unique automotive events. It is open to anyone over 18 years of age with a valid driver's license and a roadworthy vehicle.

    You pick the speed at which you want to drive, from 95 to 180 miles per hour, or even unlimited speed, and those who come closest to their target average speed are declared the winners. Participants are started one minute apart and you may take along one passenger.

    This is actually a four day event starting on the previous Thursday in Las Vegas, Nevada, with Practice and Qualifying at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. A high performance driving school is provided for first timers to the event. All drivers must complete practice laps on the road course and their cars must pass technical inspection.

    Friday morning all participants caravan up to the host city of Ely or Eureka, with a pit stop in Ash Springs, Nevada for refueling and lunch. A parade down main street and a reception hosted by the Silver State Classic Challenge, Inc. awaits the participants and their crews upon their arrival that evening.

    Saturday morning there is a pancake breakfast, car show, BBQ and final technical inspection. Saturday evening is the mandatory driver's meeting, then it is early to bed because the event starts first thing Sunday morning to take advantage of the cool dense high desert air.

    The main event, the open road event starts promptly at 8:00 on Sunday morning and competitors charge down State Route #318 or #278 in the Nevada desert looking for a little glory, a few bragging rights, or just a high speed Sunday drive. Everyone gets something different out of this most unique automotive event.

    The grand finale takes place Sunday evening with the Awards Banquet which includes cocktails and dinner.

    Entry fees start at only $395 putting this event within reach of almost anyone with a high performance vehicle who wants to go out and test the performance of their car once or twice each year. Usually there are a sprinkling of celebrities on hand for the weekend, including an occasional movie star or two. The event is well covered by the media with shows on ESPN as well as print media all over the world. Excellent sponsorship opportunities are available.

    If you have ever wondered what it would be like to participate in a real high speed auto rally event, here is your chance to find out! Hope to see you soon at the Silver State Classic Challenge in Nevada.

    To participate in these events contact:
    Silver State Classic Challenge
    P.O. Box 151240
    Ely, Nevada 89315
    Phone: 702 631-6166
    Fax: 702 436-1589
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    Make sure your tires are rated for the speeds.

    Sad story some years ago when a Testarossa with H-rated tires lost it at Z-rated speeds on that race. Driver survived, his wife did not.
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    Yes, I recall reading about that in one of the automotive mags back in the late 80's / early 90's. IIRC, they made all participants in the cross-country race (out west?) sign waivers if they were not running on the correct speed-rated tires. Very sad for him :(

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