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Discussion in '206/246' started by mar3kl, Aug 14, 2019.

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    So I successfully replaced the red-lens door courtesy bulb with an LED - works great. I happened to have the door trim panel off in order to adjust the latch, so I got at the fixture that way. Is there a way to change the bulb without taking off the door panel? Somehow pop the red lens off from the outside? It didn’t seem like it but if I ever just want to change the bulb I’d rather not deal with removing the trim panel. Getting the door pocket screws aligned with their threaded holes was a real PITA.
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    I think taking off the door panel is the only way. With an LED bulb you should be set for life. I use a scratch awl or small drill bit to line up the holes.
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    Gotta take the door card off, there are one way tabs on the housing that hold it in place and prevent removal

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