Airliners in flight photographed from others:

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    Jim Pernikoff
    This is the sort of video that LouB747 sometimes provides: airliners in flight photographed from other airliners. Perhaps the most dramatic starts at 1:12 where three airliners are stacked vertically! The names that appear on the screen are those of the aircraft the videos are being shot from, not those of the aircraft visible.

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    Dave Steven
    Does this count? Shot at 18,000' MSL over the Swiss Alps.

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    I once had a mid-air collision at 3,500 AGL. I and another balloon took off simultaneously. He had planned to go two miles high, I told him I'd go a mile high and then descend. We were within talking distance all the way up to 3,500' when suddenly we started moving toward each other. We kissed momentarily; I remember looking up into the balloon and seeing the shadow of his envelope against mine. As we seperated, I descended and he continued his climb to 10,560'. I landed about two miles from the launch site; he, about twenty miles. Afterwards we both commented that that was the weirdest thing that we had ever encounter while flying. I noted it in my log book that day. Great memory!
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    Brian Pellerin
    My friend and neighbor is a 777 Captain with AA and posted this yesterday of his plane overflying Greenland at FL 360, Mach .83 headed to MIA, taken by a United crew.

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