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    I am a long time "lurker" and I think this is the first time that I post (and already starting a thread, I hope I don't violate any rules here...)
    I live in Belgium, Europe and I'm not sure if Albanu is known in the US, that's why I am posting this.
    Albanu is a small company based in Monaco, producing hand made bracelets: (click on UK flag for English)
    here some more details:
    The early models were made of elephant horn but because of the convention of Washington those are no longer available. Now you can choose from leather, buffalo horn, horsehair or steel, in combination with gold, silver or noble steel.
    You can even give them the hair of your favourite horse so they can make a bracelet for you. I paid approx 270 dollar for mine (leather and steel), that is probably the cheapest, the ones with buffalo and gold are the most expensive of course.
    Michael Schumacher, Prince Albert of Monaco, french president Sarkozy among others have one.

    Anybody has any experience with this?
    Best regards
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