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Discussion in 'Other Italian' started by chasking, Jan 26, 2004.

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    This was a response to a question asked under another thread, but it was off-topic for that thread. I'm starting a new thread so other Alfisti will see it and can chime in with their recommendations.

    Originally Posted by Prancing_Horse

    to anyone that has an alfa spider,

    where did you get your car?

    When I started looking for a Spider, I joined the Alfa digest (www. Shortly after that, one of the digesti posted a notice that he was selling his Spider. A few e-mails and phone calls and a one-way train ticket later I had it. But in the intervening time I had also been regularly checking ads on, eBay, and some other on-line ad places. I've since learned that it was an anomaly, but I was able to look at five spiders in one weekend, four of which were within a short drive of Chicago.

    If I had to do it again today, I would start with the classifieds on the Alfa Romeo Owners' Club web site, and if your local chapter has a newsletter, they probably have ads there too. The Chicago group posts them on their web site. Unless I was buying something with the intention of doing a restoration, I would want to buy it from an enthusiast; there are too many little things that can go wrong from neglect. Note: regular people treating an old Alfa like any other car constitutes "neglect" for these purposes.

    Good luck!

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