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    Ferrari mechanic/restorer/expert Allen Bishop has passed away. If ever a Ferrari wizard there was, well, that was Allen. And in addition to working his mechanical wizardry, Allen shared his expertise with the rest of us by authoring Ferrari Guide to Performance, volunteering to act as judge at Pebble Beach and other concours events, and always being available to answer questions and tell stories.

    For those of you who knew him, please feel free to share your Allen stories and experiences in this thread.
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    Andy Ritter
    I neglected to call Allen for far too long, probably close to a year. I went to his Facebook page yesterday to wish him a happy birthday and learned the sad news. Definitely a wake up call for me. We need to make time for our friends while we can. Allen did a lot of work on my car over the years including rebuilding the engine and trans. I used to help him now and then when he needed help working of his customers cars. A lot of nice iron and aluminum parked on his driveway. We had a lot of opposing opinions on world events but never had a problem spending the day discussing all topics. I wish I had made some time for him this past year but I have a lot of fond memories of time we spent together. Like the day he got so mad at a Greg Garrison car, and threw his wrench on the roof of his garage. Cracked me up. Then to see the car sitting on the lawn at Pebble Beach a few weeks later, offered quite a contrast. That was Allen's world. Working on just another car that needed a difficult repair, then seeing it rolled out as a piece of art a short time later. He had a pretty good gig. I hope he enjoyed it till the end. R.I.P.
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    Just a really nice guy. He'll be missed.

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