annual service at 4600 km's

Discussion in '360/430' started by peterb, Feb 17, 2006.

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    So after having read all the disturbing posts regarding F car service in the US I took my cs to be dealer here in Milan for the annual service on Valentine's day ( i thought that would be appopriate).

    I happen to get on well with the service manager and enquired about what the cost was going to be to due the 1 year service with oil change filters etc etc. I also have a problem with the a/c which has not been working since August ( dont need ac in Milan after August anyway). Bottom line i was quote 800€ tops for the whole thing That is still under 1k

    Things get better- i have a very small scratch in the front left section before the wheel and a tiny scratch in the back rear. At this point i figured with the savings i had on the service i might as well get a quote to get the car back to 100% condition and might as well have it washed and polished.

    Botton line- all the cosmetic work along with engine washing will be done for 1000€.

    I can assure you that i was delighted about this news and will pick the car up next week. I will report back on the final bill , but considering all the horror stories i have heard, i find this to be entirely reasonable. I was subconciously expecting much much more of a bill
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