Another good 430 available that i'm familiar with...

Discussion in '360/430' started by spg993tt, Nov 3, 2007.

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    figure i'd post this up here. Fof New England has a 2006 black black 430 F1, 1900 miles. 215 sticker. they offered to me at 234, 19-up.
    i came very close but just determined however nice it was, i like silvers and i like manual transmissions.

    the car was owned by a collector who had previously bot a few things from me, include a flatnose turbo S 964 and a gt3RS in the past few weeks. he had let me know he was turning it in, and gave me the brief on it. felt it was in perfect shape, no issues (he had no money to be gained or any other incentive in giving me the skinny...we're just friends and he wanted to hook me back up after buying a few from me). he had no control over the dealer and they told me they had offered it to someone, and needed a week. of cuorse in that week i decided i wanted a manual and silver...which i got....but they came back today...they'd sell for 19 over. ceramics...yellow calipers. carbon interior. nice spec.

    anyway, figured i'd share. the salesmanager was "dennis" at ferrari new england. you can tell him steve referred you.
    no idea if its a good price. no idea really the condition (though i trust me buyer) and do NOT know the dealership at all....
    just figured i'd share what i saw that i passed on....
    only passed for the reaosns noted above, nothing else. i wanted a manual and silver.
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