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    Nov 1, 2003
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    Can you tell me what exactly goes into making a crown, and why are they so expensive? Just your average crown is right around 1000.00 with no other work performed and no other problem areas. Can someone shed some light on this subject for me.

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    P Quach
    To fanatic1, price range for a crown depends on what types, materials made, and where you live. Price could range from $450- $1000+ per crown.
    Type of crowns- all porcelain, gold, metal, all composite, porcelain bonded to gold or metal (precious, semi-precious...) , or could be one of the lab inventions ( allceram, ceramtech...)
    Location- if you live in Berverly Hills, Palm Beach... price of service would be more than if you live in the Midwest or the South, you get the picture. My price of a porcelain crown here in No.CA is about $650-$700, but it could be more depends who and where you go (ie. San Francisco)
    Here is the link for steps processing a crown: or do google search on: steps making a dental crown
    Henry, hope this help.

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