any road and track articles on the tr?

Discussion in 'Boxers/TR/M' started by bpu699, Jul 2, 2004.

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    I remember reading r&t's review of the testarossa when I was a teenager...made my heart pump a little faster...

    Anyone have any of these articles scanned, circa 86-87'. I was going to go to the library and print it off microfiche, but figured someone might have them...

    I would love to frame one off these articles and put it on my wall...
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    Jeff B.
    bpu: Just took a look at my Road & Track library, and found the following Testarossa feature articles:

    1) December 1984, cover story on the introduction of the model

    2) June 1985, cover story, first road test

    3) October 1989, road test

    4) Exotic Cars #3 (1985), article

    5) Exotic Cars #6 (1987), article

    The problem with scanning these things is that so many of the nice pictures take up more than one page, and you get a split picture. You can probably find these on ebay, or I see them in the used book store sometimes. I can scan if you wish (takes a while), but the split pictures are a downer.

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