Any1 know how the 996 turbos do in the snow...

Discussion in 'Porsche' started by ttforcefed, Dec 12, 2003.

  1. ttforcefed

    ttforcefed F1 World Champ
    Rossa Subscribed

    Aug 22, 2002
    obviously with snow tires on? My buddy really wants to get one but he is the type of guy that will want to drive it everyday of the obviously the amount of snow is a factor but would it do ok in 3 to 5 inches with snow tires?
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  3. rennen

    rennen Karting

    Nov 1, 2003
    New York
    A friend of mine had a 993 Turbo as a daily driver a few years ago. During the winter he put snows on and got around pretty well. I can't speak for the 996 though. I would think the only things really working against you would be ride height and engine location.
  4. TCM

    TCM Formula Junior

    Nov 10, 2003
    Tyngsborough, MA
    I do not think traction would be as much of an issue as actual ground clearence. I have had a '04 996TT X50 get up my inclined driveway (35% angle) in the snow with summers on. Took three runs but it did get up. I think the car could handle the white stuff decently thanks to its AWD.
  5. Doody

    Doody F1 Veteran

    Nov 16, 2001
    MA USA
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    Mr. Doody
    i drove my 996TT frequently one winter on its OEM tires (nothing close to snows). i was very impressed with how the AWD handled and functioned, and assumed that with a set of really good snow tires the thing would be killer. you might go ask on - lots of guys there who i think drive theirs in the snow.

  6. DGS

    DGS Five Time F1 World Champ
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    May 27, 2003
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    On the EVO forum, one individual posted a message condemning his new all season tires for lousy snow handling.

    A day later, he recanted, after realizing that it was 19psi of turbo boost coming on in a rush that was tearing the tires loose.

    Turbos are not neccessarily the ideal choice in the snow. ;)

    However; given the current "formula" in WRC and SCCA ProRally, turbos are pretty much what the manufacturers are cranking out in AWD.

    Pity. A nice AWD rendering of the Stratos, with a torquey 308 mill, would be a perfect winter rat. :p
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  8. Kds

    Kds F1 World Champ

    I have personally driven 996 and 993 cars in the snow with dedicated high performance snow tires.

    I had a 993 C4 as a demo over an entire winter and it performed fantastically. The 993/996 cars have the same suspension setup.

    First of all the weight distribution DOES NOT work against you....having about 60+ % of the car's weight behind the rear axle on a 2WD 911 works wonders as the car digs in and goes. Of course....PSM helps in the winter as does their ABD. The all wheel drive is just even better.

    Turbo's are a non-issue for winter driving..........then again I am a Canadian and used to driving in snow year round (sarcasm).

    Anyone who says that it doesn´t work for reasons of traction is inexperienced as a winter driver in general or talking out of the side of their head.

    My reference point ??? Driving my 1974 454 Corvette skiing 75 days a year with 60 series summer tires and sandbags in the back on snow covered roads.

    Tell your friend to go for it with Pirelli W240's as the snow tire of choice.
  9. GDautosport

    GDautosport Formula Junior

    Nov 5, 2003
    very of right now theres snow everywhere, and the 996tt has no problem
  10. TimN88

    TimN88 F1 Veteran

    Jun 12, 2001
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    you would be amazed at what snow tires can do to a cars ability to drive in the snow. I say this because last weekend my friends Z3, with snows (Blizzaks, the best there is) on made it up some really steep hills in my town with about an inch of packed snow underneath 5 inches of powder without much tire spinning. today, i drove the car and i can tell you its pretty scary how well they grip. I was doing 30 and didnt even realize it. the car can also be powerslid in snow as if it is reading your mind. I see no reason why the turbo wouldnt be much better with its awd.
  11. DGS

    DGS Five Time F1 World Champ
    Rossa Subscribed

    May 27, 2003
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    It's been my experience that weight distribution contributes more to snow handling than AWD. (After all, everyone has all wheel brakes, for all the good it does.) The best handling car in the snow I've driven, over the years, was an Alfa GTV6, with a perfect 50/50 weight distribution. But if it ever stopped on hard-pack, it didn't want to go, again (with Eagle VR tires on it).

    AWD does help you go, and can help straighten the car from a slide, but is zero help in stopping. (Well, slowing by backing off the loud pedal does slow all four wheels.)

    Blizzaks are impressive among the more common brands. But for serious snow, the Nokian Hakkapelitas (from Finland) are even better. Nokians aren't cheap, but they're impressive in the snow.

    Most of us know better than to stomp on the gas pedal suddenly when in slippery conditions. But depending on the engine management, a high boost turbo can add power suddenly as it spools up ... which can also tear the tires loose. You can probably get away with driving the 996 in winter without ever spooling the turbo, relying only on the unboosted power output. Some of the ricers, though, produce dang little power without the turbo helping out.

    But turbos are managable in the snow, if you're careful -- but it's another factor to keep in mind when driving in the slippery stuff.

    I did get the EVO out to play in the snow, last night. With Nokian WRs (the "all season" version of the Hakkas), the grip was amazing.

    I really like my Ferrari, but this EVO is amazing, too.
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