Anyone been to Helsinki or Tallinn?

Discussion in 'Other Off Topic Forum' started by SRT Mike, Mar 1, 2004.

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    So if you were a late 20-something guy taking your late 20-something girlfriend to see some family in Tallinn, and could take a trip from there, where would you go?

    Not looking for the '$10k a week trip of a lifetime', just looking to have fun, see interesting places, and not be staying in the euro equivalent of Motel 6.

    I figured from Tallinn, Helsinki is 'right there', and Amsterdam is pretty close too. I am lucky to have some cool customers in Amsterdam that I could show me some hip places for the 25-30 crowd but I dunno if thats a good place to be. Copenhagen is pretty close too (relatively) and seems like a great romantic-getaway type place. Any other suggestions? Any suggestions on the trip or what airline to use? Orbitz is telling me this is an overnighter going from Boston -> Amsterdam -> Helsinki -> Tallinn. I'd like to go somewhere interesting, foreign, and "adventurous", if that makes sense.
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