Anyone follow World Superbike?

Discussion in 'Motorcycles & Boats' started by sjb509, Apr 2, 2005.

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    I know MotoGP gets all of the headlines today, but does anyone follow WSBK? Since the control tire rule (everyone is on the same Pirellis) the series has went from a series dominated by twins to an extremely competitive racing series, with twins, triples and fours all competitive.

    In MotoGP there are three riders that have a chance for the championship: Rossi, Gibernau, or Biaggi. In WSBK there are probably at least ten riders that could win on any given weekend. This weekend they are racing at Phillip Island, and all 6 manufacturers are represented in the top 11 qualifying positions. The series features several ex-GP riders (McCoy, Abe, Pitt, Chili, Corser, Haga, Laconi), as well as riders that will eventually be riding in MotoGp in a year or two (Toseland, Vermeulen, Kagayama).

    The bad thing is that there will be no US or Canada rounds for the series this year. Maybe in 2006 we will be able to see them at Road America or Barber.

    If you get a chance, check it out in SpeedTV.
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    Didn't they change the displacement rules too? The twins don't get a break anymore from what I remember. But I have to admit I stopped following WSB about the same time Ferracci stopped putting a team in the series, so I could be wrong.

    Used to go to BIR every year when they were there, today I couldn't even name five riders.
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    Currently all engine configurations are allowed 1000cc, unlike the old 750/900/1000 limit for fours/triples/twins. I'm pretty sure all have the same weight limit as well. The fours make over 200 hp, while the Ducati twin has about 190. Foggy Pentronas is probably still closer to 150-160 with the triple.

    The control Pirelli tire is the limiting factor, with everyone on the same tire it was a much more competitive series last year. In previous years unless you were on the best Michelins you didn't have a chance. This also seems to have helped Pirelli make better tires as well, a privateer won the 1000cc Superstock race at Daytona in March using Pirelli.

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