Anyone rebuild their trans

Discussion in 'Boxers/TR/M' started by tf308, Mar 14, 2008.

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    Has anyone here rebuilt their own trans?

    My friends TR had second gear blow apart. 16K for a replacement transaxle plus core seems a little out their for the value of the car.

    Any thoughts? I think the actual gear at eurospares is 450pounds.
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  3. fastradio

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    David Feinberg
    Presuming that the differential is is easy to spend at least $4K-$6K in parts, plus the labor to rebuild the transaxle. In that the engine needs to come out, separated from the transaxle, the labor is considerable.

    With a "blown" gear often comes other surprises...internal bearing damaged, damage and possible replacement of the main, or even the layshaft, shifter fork, synchros, etc, etc. and etc. Gears are still available, the layshaft I'm uncertain of...

    All said and done, without a differential upgrade, you'll spend $15K...maybe up to $20K, once you know what parts are really needed.

    With most Ferrari's, there's never really been any sesnsible rational between the cost of repair and the car's value, particularly with the ever so decreasing in value TR.

  4. tbakowsky

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    The TR gearbox is not an easy one to do. It is best left to people who have done it before and believe it or not, it will be cheaper in the long run. They are a bugger to reassemble correctly.

    I have done a few, but I find it cheaper for me to send it off to get done rather then do it myself, that way I can concentrate on other jobs in the shop in the mean time.

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