As If The 991.2 GT3 Needed To Look Any Better ;) - A TeamWB Production

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    For many, Porsche’s GT3 is more than just a vehicle to thrash around the track and tuck away on a trailer once the day is over. In contrast, the majority of GT3 owners we know use their cars as daily drivers with the occasional “weekend warrior” style track day thrown in the mix. With the GT3 they get to be seen as well as having total confidence knowing they’ve got superior performance at the tap of a right foot.

    ANRKY wheels shares many parallels to the 991.2 GT3. Visually the wheels are jaw dropping but you can also have the confidence in their performance when that right foot of yours gets frisky. Constructed from 6061-T6 heat treated forged aluminum the AN22’s are the engineered for high strength-to-weight ratio so you get the best of both worlds: Durability & Performance. With stylish 3-piece offerings, lightweight Monoblock offerings, and these 2-piece ANRKY’s that blend a little bit of both there is a wheel for every type of Porsche owner.

    Wheel Specs:
    ANRKY AN22
    Wheel Size: 21”x9.5” // 21”x12.5”
    Wheel Finish: Brushed Satin Gunmetal
    Tires: Pirelli P Zero
    Tire Size: 255/30/21 || 325/25/21
    Hardware Option: 50/50

    Also Available: 20” & 22” // Lightweight Monoblock & 3-Piece Versions // Fully Exposed or Fully Hidden Hardware

    Contact us for details, availability, and pricing on ANRKY Wheels & Pirelli Tires. Tell us what you think by commenting below!

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    For More Photos Of This Vehicle Visit:
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    This GT3 looks fantastic! Great work!
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