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Ashton Cigar prices WTF?!

Discussion in 'Drink, Smoke, and Fine Dining' started by Bradwilliams, Dec 11, 2022.

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    Not that I buy them, but what are the owners of this company "smoking?" I used to buy these churchills for 7 dollars a stick retail way back in the day when I was a novice cigar smoker. They're good sticks but no way are they worth 280 dollars for a box LOL.

    Luckily cigar prices have not risen greatly through this miserable inflation that we keep experiencing. This is the only brand that I've noticed that has raised their prices. I can name dozens of cigars that are far better and can be bought online for 60 percent less. I thought about buying a 5 or 10 pack for nostalgia but no thanks.

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