Askolin and Bjurström and the missing pinstripe

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    Can some of the Finnish Ferrari historians help me identify car & people in this Finnish article. Google translate has helped me a bit:

    Pages 16 and 18 shows the 0610MDTR (I think), but the white pinstripe is missing. I.e., the pinstripe we see so clearly on May 12, 1957 at Helsinki GP:

    It says p18 is outside Koroistentie 8 in Helsinki, at the garage of Pentti Keinänen. But it mentions "Scuderia Svezia"? Was it that Bjurström owned it at the time of this picture (hence the missing pinstripe), and then sold it/lent it to Askolin or someone else who then used it on May 12?

    People on p16: From left (my guess): Rune Bertilsson, Carl-Otto Bremer, Rafu Huhta, Lincoln (seated) and Bjurstrøm (right)?

    People on p18: My guess is on the left is Carl-Otto Bremer (scarf, hands in pocket), Pentti Keinänen (in a tweed coat with hat, head bent down). We also see Arthur Rafael ("Rafu") Huhta (military unifrom). Leo Saarinen is mentioned as being on the right, and if this is the famous architect Eero "Leo" Saarinen, he must be one of the two with spectacles. But, Bjurstrøm also had spectacles, and perhaps Bjurstrøm is Keinänen? :)

    Lastly, where is Askolin and who removed the pinstripe?

    Thanks for any help.
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    P16: correct.
    P18: Bremer, Bjurström, Keinänen, unknown, unknown, Huhta. Lincoln and Bertilsson in car. My memory fails me, but I think Leo Saarinen was the name of that 5ft tall mechanic who is standing on the right (Saarinen is among the most common surnames in Finland, like any name connected to water. We have 50-100.0000 lakes depending how you determine a lake and at least 200.000 islands).

    Bremer, Keinänen and Huhta are wearing garrison caps of AK (Automobiiliklubi). Peaked caps suddenly went out of fashion in 1945, so AK replaced earlier club headgear with garrison caps. Same happened in Sweden and yes, it is a common mistake to connect the headgear with military equipment.

    The text does say Huhta is wearing a military uniform, but I think this is a mistake. Finnish military uniforms always had collar plates, as snipers would be educated to shoot everyone not carrying ones. So I would say Huhta is wearing a traditional carriage driver's coat which were quite popular from 30's to 50's, and he may have combined the sort-of-military cap with a sort-of-military coat to create a style of his own as wearing a suit in a garage would not be very pratical. Huhta is known to have arranged various things (car logistics, hotel reservations etc.) in Helsinki for Bjurström who was located in Sweden. Many if not all foreign racing cars were kept in the garage of Keinänen, located only a few blocks away from the race track in Helsinki city center.

    The photos were taken in April 1957, I think. Bjurstörm has just brought the 500 Testa Tossa over to Helsinki and his mechanic Rune Bertilsson is showing Lincoln how to drive it. The buyer, Carl-Johan Askolin, must have been unable to attend as he was not there. The car was then partly repainted, the center stripe was painted over with medium metallic blue and a white pin-stripe was added. The color of the earlier stripe is not known, but for a reason or another the Finns did not like it. One theory is that the stripe was rich yellow, which may turn to black on orthocromatic film. The overexposure on the blue nose also suggests the photo may be orthocromatic indeed. Bjurström was fond of blue cars as it was easy and cheap to add a yellow stripe. A Finnish customer would naturally paint over Swedish colors without blinking an eye.
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