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Discussion in 'F1' started by Formula1Fan, Jan 17, 2012.

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    Jerry Schutz
    If you are interested in a shuttle to the races on Nov. 18, the numbers are: with a full bus of 55 $26/person. With only 30 $47/person. This is a range and can be adjusted to the number interested if we can get a minimum number. The shuttle would run from a mall parking lot next to I-35 in the north part of Austin at a location yet to be determined. If you are interested please post a reply on this thread telling me how many seats you will take. If you have an upper limit you are willing to pay, say so. If we get enough, you will have to send me a check, once I come up with specifics, before I will make the reservation. If we get enough interest I will also call other outfits to see if I can do better. Prices vary greatly on these things and I have only checked with one vendor to get us started. If you say you are interested, please be a sure as you can be that you will follow up. It would be a real hassle to have to send everyone their checks back if a bunch of people didn't come through.
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    For the INDY 500, A SHUTTLE from the airport to the track on an exclusive road is only $25 round trip. Austin is in trouble.

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