Authorities looking for Ferrari Scuderia driver that killed one and ...

Discussion in 'Florida' started by RobertM, Aug 10, 2013.

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    Not sure of your experiences, but I have seen the inside of the system.

    I can tell you that, while no system is perfect, and every profession has a few bad apples, the state bar association works very hard (and spends lots of lawyer's dues dollars) to maintain the integrity of the profession. Ultimately, it is the Florida Supreme Court who decides on appropriate punishment. Bad lawyers (and occasional bad judges) may indeed exist, but it is not because the state bar association and the Judicial Qualifications Committee are ignoring complaints. It is an ongoing battle.

    Just for fun, go back about 30 years ago to Dade County and google "court broom".... ;)

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    Read through this thread, these stories are always tragic, and our sense of justice tells us "someone" should pay for this with prison time, but as already articulated above, prison isn't always the outcome in these cases. Having practiced as both Prosecutor and defense attorney, these cases can be very difficult to prosecute. The Prosecutor must be convinced that every element of of every charge can be proven beyond beyond a reasonable doubt, or they cannot bring the case to trial. This is not a "I don't want to lose the case and hurt my reputation" decision, it is an ethical question, sometimes policy, and sometimes law, depending on the jurisdiction. Of course I do not have any idea what really transpired in this case, but it is not an unusual outcome.

    A client came into my office in my Sixth year of practice, explained his case, asked how much money it would take to "get justice." I explained that money doesn't necessarily buy justice, it buys an "outcome," which may or may not reflect "justice" depending on your side of the case. That's our system, which is why after 14 years I departed the law for another profession.

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