Belt dimensions for 250 Gte engine S3

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    Mar 3, 2013
    Hi All,

    does someone have the Belt dimensions for 250 Gte engine S3? Mine has the latter generator like the 330 America.

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    romano schwabel
    put a wire around and meassure. it is 9,5 / 10 x ????
    you have much space for adjusting, so no need to take an exact size
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    ... or if you have any old/used belt of same width but longer, cut it & wrap it over pulleys...
    ... or you can also use a length of rope of similar material diameter to do same.

    Using small diameter string or wire may give you somewhat less accurate length, especially if it’s pulled tightly at the bottom of the pulley grooves (V-belt is not supposed to touch the bottom of the grooves. If it does, it’s too narrow.)

    Also, you can take two measurements, with adjustment at both extremes (in & out, short & long, etc) and pick a belt length approximately in the middle between them. May not be exact, but will likely work.

    Width of the V-belt can usually be determined by measuring the widest (top) section of groove in the pulleys it’s intended for.
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