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Discussion in 'Other Off Topic Forum' started by Sfumato, Jul 30, 2005.

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    Regarding the missing white girl, he's correct. She went looking for trouble and found more than she bargained for. Did she deserve to turn up missing or murdered? Not in my opinion. She wasn't drinking alone, she had friends there too. But I guess they were as blonde as she was, otherwise, strength in numbers. They could have done something to prevent her from going.

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    Arlie is unvarnished in his comments, but there is truth in a lot of his posts.

    The story above is very, very sad. I'm the father of 4 girls and I have great empathy for the family and others involved.

    But, it is similar to a 18 y. o. young man buying a Gixxer 1000 or R-1.
    He is only interested in having some fun with a dangerous adult style game. He knows it's dangerous and he promises himself and his folks he will be "really careful". And he tries to be careful, but tragedies can happen.

    He doesn't mean to get killed with this fun and exciting activity, but the risk is there, and sadly some poor souls pick the wrong card. The fact that he voluntarily decided to participate in a risky activity does not make his death less tragic in any way.

    But, is late night bar-hopping by a young, attractive, inexperienced 18 y.o. in a third world country comparable to the young man with the Gixxer? I believe, yes, it is reasonably similar.

    This in no way means the criminals are less guilty or the crime is less tragic, but implicit in the idea of an "exciting and dangerous" activity is: danger.

    Make no mistake, my heart goes out to the family. Their loss is no less tragic than a child lost to cancer, a car jacking, a fire or the above mentioned Gixxer.

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