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    I purchased an F430 this past Sep 2020. No idea what I was getting myself into. In the last 4 months, I can't believe how much I have learned about, and fixed/addressed issues with the car. My family, friends and neighbors are amazed that I've been able to do what I have with it in terms of addressing issues.

    This simply would not have been the case without FCHAT, what they would have been saying is - 'that thing ever work'? No slight on the F430, I bought one with 37k miles and it needs some TLC.

    It has been challenging and rewarding, and in the end, driving the car is simply amazing.

    I wanted to say THANK YOU to all the contributors on FCHAT. As I was addressing my most reason concern (spider top wouldn't close all the way), I realized that if not for FCHAT, I can imagine how 'challenging and rewarding' would have been 'an annoying money pit that takes all my time and spends most of its time at the shop'.

    I have been able to address each issue with knowledge, a plan of action and best of all, excellent results!

    I do plan on doing a more extensive write-up on the car within the next couple weeks to months (depending on when I can get everything done). I think I will start up a diary thread as others have done in the event that it may be helpful to others, but in the meantime, I simply have to express my gratitude for such an amazing place to go for information on this incredible car.

    All my best to all of you and don't hesitate to reach out to me if I can be of any assistance ever.

    08 Spider, Grigio Silverstone, Tan interior, black dash, 6spd gated conversion, 38k miles

    PS, a recent shot from a spectacular 3 hour drive out to PA after having completed exhaust work, maintenance, and cleanup on the car.
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