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Discussion in 'Maserati' started by MRONY, Jun 25, 2020.

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    Mike O.
    My son backed into my 2013 GTC and it’s gonna need a new passenger rear quarter panel and the fender panel below it. Hot about 18”behind the passenger window and right on the “shoulder” of the panel.
    Ni structural issues - the top works fine unimpeded and boot opens and closes. No damage to the taillights.
    Two new panels and paint match (standard metallic grey).

    The gobbledygook gook double talk coming out of the body shop and dealer is dizzying. I’m pretty sure I could do everything but the painting myself if there’s nothing fancy under there.

    But, anyone recommend a body shop in the Greenwich.Bedford/White Plains vicinity? These cars aren’t worth the price of their parts any more, but this was an especially nice one, with 10k miles on it, so I want to do it properly, not pay extra for an espresso machine in the waiting room.
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    I would check out Bradon, ask for budget , he will flat bed , his work is great.

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