430 Bought a F430 with a false CPO checklist

Discussion in '360/430' started by Tamahal, Apr 18, 2019.

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    Mind blowing to me that a dealer couldn't pick up a bent rim on a test drive.
    Did they drive it at all ?

    To the OP;

    We are a community that gives and takes in order to advance the brand.
    If you dont name the dealer expect them to carry on with the same ethics.

    Edit; Never-mind from the posted receipt we can see its The Collection of Coral Gables Florida.

    Edit once again ; They STATE a front rim is bent. Did you not see this ?
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    Greg S

    Holy crap.....LABOR!! This is why I usually use an Indy....
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    Caveat emptor.

    Trust no one or at the very least "trust but verify." ;)
    I initially give people the illusion of trust. Do I trust them? Hell no.
    Trust, like respect, is earned.
    All I ever demand is "show and prove" because greed is a powerful motivation to unscrupulous behavior, especially concerning big ticket items.

    Even indi's, despite their low cost compared to the dealer, can still cost you.

    The most knowledgeable or reputable people are not immune to trying to rip someone off on occasion. Just be certain it isn't you.
    If you're not trying to get your money back then I suggest you start making a raucous without a lawyer (squeaking hinge gets the grease).
    Shame them, expose them, put experience in writing (pen to paper) to them, FNA, local BBB, local news, etc. Sometimes you have to let people know you are not the one to be trifled with for any reason. If you are not satisfied with their response, get a lawyer.
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    Some of those prices in the estimate are way way off even for a Ferrari dealership
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    The whole CPO thing is bogus. They just take a piece of paper and check off a bunch of boxes. ALL BS.
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    Its not clear to me who the more offending dealer is? The one that sold the car with an inspection report "as is", or the one that says you need to spend $50,000 to return the car to good shape!

    Honestly, I see a lot of nonsense here.

    The bent rim was listed on the inspection report (so said someone above, my eyes are not able to read that fuzzy attachment)?

    "Leaking" issues are highly variable and do not call for immediate replacement of, say, an F1 system...

    $7000+ in labor to change valve cover gaskets?

    $4000+ "annual service".


    So...being objective, this does read like an attempt to get out of the deal or to have the selling dealer pay for a bunch of stuff at outrageous (frankly, just wrong) prices. It wouldn't surprise me if the selling dealer felt like a shakedown was being perpetrated and dug in.

    Of course, to be fair, I can also see a buyer putting reliance upon a seller-provided inspection/condition report and feeling defrauded *if* that report contained material errors or omissions.

    If the F1 is operating smoothly and if the other leaks are "small seeps", then this is close to par for the course for a 10+ year old, used exotic car. If the bent rim was disclosed, then there is nothing to be done there either. Said differently, there has to be a material misstatement of fact upon which the buyer relied to have a case for fraud, no?

    And...most importantly, if those guys at FofSV are serious (or didn't inflate numbers to make a case against the selling dealer), then you must take your car elsewhere for service as its needed.
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    I didn’t see any report of the bent rim on the CPO paperwork.

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    I can't make it out on the small pics you attached. "LightGuy" says he sees it...are you saying its on one of those pieces of paper, but not the actual CPO report? Can you post the actual pdf's or at least pics that are clear enough to read?

    What is the latest with these issues?

    Did you decide to forgo some of the work? What work did you have done?

    Any concessions from the selling dealer?
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    No, the bent rim Is on the paperwork from the Ferrari dealer where I sent the car for inspection , not the selling dealer... according to the selling dealer, the car is in MINT condition. The latest is that I’m in the process of making this vehicle in prime condition. I love love love this car and it’s amazing . I don’t wanna end up bitter and angry, I wanna drive and enjoy this car. I’ve left everything else to my legal team. What ever happens I’m content. When I sell this car (in two years) it’ll be the best kept 2009 F430 on the market, until then I plan on putting some miles on it .

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    Fantastic approach!
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    L C
    Good for you. I hope you get some restitution paid back to you. And thanks for posting to remind everyone to spend the few hundred to get an independent inspection before purchasing. We all need to learn from each other's misfortunes.
  12. Tamahal

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    Totally agreed !!!!!! I’ll do that for my new to me Scud, in two years !!! ;)

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    Jeff P
    Great attitude and please keep us posted.

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