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    I'm sure this has been covered in many previous threads. This applies to all transaxled Ferraris, however the Boxer inboard halfshaft boots are particularly vulnerable. The inboard boots are surrounded by the headers and are subject to failure do to extreme heat as well as age.

    Earlier this winter, my 82' got a though visual inspection while on the lift. I noticed the right inboard boot looked abnormal. I was able with a cool engine of course, gain access between the headers and touch the boot. I was able to puncture the boot with a finger (see pic. The right boot is the inboard).

    I ordered (4) new boots, clamps and grease as a kit for $100.00
    If you have a transaxled Ferrari, make sure to check or have the boots checked as part of your regular scheduled preventative maintenance. If the inboard boot fails, grease will splatter all over the headers (fire risk), moisture and road grit could also enter the joint, requiring either removal of the inboard joint for cleaning or CV joint replacement resulting in much more cost.

    Boxer boots can be replaced by removal of the outer CV joint only. They are the same boots used on 308's. As always having access to a lift makes the job much easier.

    Catch them early prior to failure, and you will save yourself a larger problem down the road.
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    Great advice - the headers slowly cook the inners until they simply tear at the creases. I bet the guys on the board who have had their headers coated will have less of an issue - I have also read that putting a few zip ties in the creases helps as well since they do not allow the boot to expand while spinning. I shall be doing both before putting my shafts back on.
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    Happened to me in 1989. It leaked, dripped on the exaust and started a fire. THANK GOD I was right across from a Fire department. They came running out and put the fire out (very small fire)!!!! Luckly only a few wires and the boot burned. If I was not near a Fire house... I probably would have lost the car!!! No bull****. So Definitely have them checked. I was lucky!!!!
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    Other sources of oil leaks in the vicinity of the inner CV joint boots are the stub axle seals.

    There is a unidirectional seal "behind" the stub axle where the driveshaft passes through the transaxle case on each side. Be sure to inspect that area while you "are there" for signs of oil spray.

    Loss of transaxle fluid results in smoke and smells and perhaps a fire as well. Look on the floor of your garage for signs of loss.

    Trick: dip the CV joint boots in ArmorAll or some other rubber preservative before installation. Might increase the half-life of the part in that "hot spot".

    Good luck !!!


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