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    Ok, not really my question but one for a friend up a work.

    Apparently he likes Briklins, although he's never been around one.

    Anyone here actually owned one?

    Are they just complete junk, or can they at least be made fast like the Panteras?

    (for 15K, I'd at least get a DeLorean, but everybody's got a dream......)

    A pic, for those who can't remember what they look like.

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    I looked at a Briklin that was rotting outside a local Mustang resto shop last year. It could have been bought for around $2500. Up close, it looked like a bad, boxy, kit car. I checked E-bay, and they don't sell for very much. I passed on the brief Briklin idea.

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    I'd rather have a Bricklin than a DeLoren, its just a little nicer looking
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    Early Bricklins had, I think, Ford 351 Windsor engines, then switched to 360 c.i. engines from American Motors. Maybe the same ones used in Javelins.

    It's funny you mention Bricklin and Delorean in the same breath as both individuals were outspoken automotive entrepreneurs. Did you know that Bricklin was the main U.S. importer for Subaru at one time?

    Deloreans used a 2.6 liter engine that was jointly used by Renault, Peugeot and Volvo. Volvo, in my opinion, missed the boat here. After John D. started to go under, Volvo should have bought rights, tooling, etc and "badge-engineered" the car as a Volvo. Just wonder how the market would have responded as Volvo really didn't have a true sportscar since the 1800s went out of production just a few years earlier.


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    Bricklin was also the creator of the Yugo LOL

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