Build Your Own Ultimate 348 or 355 !

Discussion in '348/355' started by bushwhacker, Apr 14, 2008.

  1. bushwhacker

    bushwhacker In Memoriam

    May 25, 2006
    Phoenix Az.
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    OK, so it's 5:30 am and I'm on my first cup of coffee and the thought comes to mind if money was no object how would you build the ultimate 348 or 355? Since I'm not that familiar with the 355 I thought I'd take that on, well here goes. How would you build your ultimate 348 or 355?

    Bushwhackers ultimate 355.

    1.) Nero with Crema interior
    2.) Carbon fiber air induction boxes and engine compartment trim.
    3.) Hyper-Flow cats
    4.) XHost Exhaust
    5.) Andy hills type induction system or twin turbos? tough one?
    6.) Hill Engineering pedals and dead plates
    7.) Six Speed / Never driven an F-1 so I'll go with what I know.
    8.) 3" Simpson/ Cam lock / Black belts
    9.) Carbon Fiber Challenge seats/ black
    10.) Some nice fat rubber
    11.) Silver powder coated 'Challenge' wheels
    12.) Challenge rear grill
    13.) Speedy Sams glass type or F-40 type engine bonnet
    14.) Slick shift plate for the 6 speed
    15.) Splitter for nose
    16.) Brembo big brake kit with cross drilled rotors and yellow calipers
    17.) No Doubts,Fatbillybobs,Gothspeeds, Ferrari285's, Plugzits, Ernie's, Andy Hills, Eugenio's, Craig at 'Fast Cars' technical
    expertise, guidance and passion.
    18.) A little extra 'PAP' in the tank to make it a good natured car.
    19.) The camaraderie and good natured fun we all share in this 348/355 forum, Brothers, Scuderia, Fratelli, whatever.
    20.) Oh yeah,last but not least, the thing to make my ultimate 355 would be to replace the air ducts with 348 'Cheesegrators'!
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  3. speedy_sam

    speedy_sam F1 Veteran

    Jul 13, 2004
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    My ultimate 348 (assuming Bill Gates adopts me):

    - De-tuned Michelotto (sp?) ECU - 350hp is adequate
    - Custom header out exhaust system (header/Sport cats/exhaust) made of titanium inconel for weight savings with a cat-bypass mode for race-track/hooligan driving
    - Forged titanium pistons, forged crank, blue-printed engine
    - Stronger clutch
    - Oil/gearbox cooler
    - BMC filters (if dyno proves it adds any power)

    - CF/fibreglass body panels borrowed from the Competizione LM
    - Lightweight battery
    - Lightweight coil-over suspension with lots of adjustment capabilities
    - Two sets of 18" OZ Superleggera or Volks racing wheels with one set of Michelin PS2s for the road and slicks for the track
    - Projector HID lamps instead of pop-ups - maybe, maybe not.
    - 348 Challenge brake ducts
    - F50 brake kit
    - Front Splitter

    - CF Racing seats
    - Get rid of stupid stereo
    - Challenge steering wheel

    I dont think I want the roll cage/belts. The car will be 80% road use/20% track day use.
  4. James-NZ

    James-NZ F1 Veteran

    Jun 26, 2007
    Hamilton, NewZealand
    Full Name:
    21.) Daily driven! ;)

    Mine would be a yellow 355GTS with tan leather black carpets
    quicksilver exhaust
    aftermarket rims (19" black w/polished lip) big low profile rubber.
    big break kit yellow calipers
    30% tints
    carbon air boxes
    carbon interrior package
    carbon race seats in tan leather with matching tan harness
    cage wraped in tan leather

    Daily driven! :D

    (i'm easy to please)
  5. copterjon

    copterjon Formula 3
    Silver Subscribed

    Nov 11, 2005
    Mesa, Az.
    What I have is already a dream come true. However, to make it a wet dream I need those damn carbon fibre seats from the speciale or from a 360. A little more power wouldn't hurt either.
  6. 348SStb

    348SStb F1 Rookie

    Here's my ultimate F355:

    -1995 berlinetta
    -Argento Nurburgring with tobacco seats and matching (tobacco) carpeting and steering wheel
    -black dash and black stitching
    -factory fender shields
    -factory 3-piece speedline wheels

    Unfortunately, 1995 cars were very rarely painted in Argento :(

    And tobacco -- oh so rare :(

    As for my ultimate 348, I've got the one :) Letting her go so someone else can enjoy it...
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