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Bumper respray

Discussion in 'Rocky Mountain' started by sherpa23, Jan 30, 2004.

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  1. sherpa23

    sherpa23 F1 Veteran
    Owner Rossa Subscribed

    May 28, 2003
    Rocky Mountains
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    Hi guys,
    I am contemplating getting my bumpers resprayed on my 355 (Argento Nurburgring). Any suggestions on who's the best for the job in the front range, if there is someone here?
  2. Mule

    Mule F1 Rookie
    Owner Rossa Subscribed

    Jun 25, 2003
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    I wouls ask FOD or Dave Helms who they would recommend.
  3. sherpa23

    sherpa23 F1 Veteran
    Owner Rossa Subscribed

    May 28, 2003
    Rocky Mountains
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    Thanks. I am going to call Dave later.
  4. Roland E Linder

    Roland E Linder Formula 3

    Nov 3, 2003
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    Roland E Linder
    Check withDave but remember that he is moving today.... He did a 355
    for my neighbor and came out perfect. Ask him where he had Todd's done. Good luck
  5. colo348

    colo348 Karting

    Nov 1, 2003
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    I had my 348 bumper and air damn painted by "The Paint Booth", George or Brad 303 762 7562. FOD recommended these guys, who did a great job. The price to remove, reglass, paint and install was about $900.00 My 348 was of coarse red. The times I was there they had a two 360's, 2 TR's, TR512 and a Dino. Check it out.
    Good luck,
    Jim Hilton
  6. yookdan

    yookdan Rookie

    Jan 14, 2004
    Denver, CO
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    Robert Stevens
    I have a 348 ts Speciale and am looking to paint the front bumper - you saved me some time here.

    Bill and Mike at FOD are awesome, huh?

  7. mike

    mike Formula Junior

    Nov 2, 2003
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    I had a dent on the front bonnett of my 308, this was done at FOD when they did some A/C work. They sent my car to the paint booth to get it fixed and while my car was there they broke the key off in the ignition. When they had that fixed they broke the plastic around the ignition switch and then used some rubber "goopy, tar" (never dried) to hold the plastic piece around the ignition switch (whew).
    When I went to complain to the owner he kicked my foot and told me that I was trespassing, and to get off his property, they still had my car!

    I filed a complaint with BBB which didn't amount to anything, the paint booth denied all claims. Bottom line I would never recommend the paint booth

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