For Sale Cabin filters for F360, F430, Enzo, 430 Scuderia and Challenge Stradale 65384300

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    Hugh G. Rection
    $49.99 free USPS first class shipping, these are aftermarket, precision made German cabin filters for 360s and 430s. Unlike the factory Ferrari filter, these include activated charcoal in the filter matrix to reduce odors of the incoming air. Recommended to be changed annually.

    Factory filter easily runs $60 to $70 online plus shipping ($100 at the dealer!) Easy ordering through my Ebay listing: free first class shipping and comes sealed in plastic to retain freshness of the activated charcoal until you are ready to install. I will pack in a very thick and sturdy box, to prevent damage or crushing in transit. USA shipping only.
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    Dan L.
    I have this installed on my F430 Spider and works great!

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    I ordered a filter on Monday evening and it arrived today, Thursday. Perfect fit. Thank you!!
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    Great filter! Way better than stock.

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