Camera choice: D70 vs 10D

Discussion in 'Creative Arts' started by jselevan, Mar 27, 2004.

  1. jselevan

    jselevan Formula 3

    Nov 2, 2003
    Has anyone studied or purchased the Digital SLR choices recently? Trying to decide between the Nikon D70 and the Canon 10D. Any help/observations are appreciated.

    Jim S.
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  3. Brianjonesphoto

    Brianjonesphoto Formula Junior

    Dec 2, 2003
    Seattle Wa
    Full Name:
    Brian Jones
    I have a 10D and love it. It great for pretty much everything I do ecept sports. I've shot many jobs with it and it has not let me down.

    The D70 also looks good, but I have a few grand in Canon Glass therefore I bought the canon.
  4. jselevan

    jselevan Formula 3

    Nov 2, 2003
    Brian - thanks for the input. I just purchased the 10D. Looks great.


    Jim S.
  5. Dave

    Dave F1 Rookie

    Apr 15, 2001
    Little Rock
    Full Name:
    David Jones
    I'm with Bryan on this one, I love my 10D...
    But then again I had a bunch of Canon glass to take into consideration as well.
  6. fj0

    fj0 Karting

    Mar 5, 2004
    Stockholm, Sweden
    Full Name:
    Mario B
    I like my 300D, i got the littlebrother :p

    then again im a beginner, is a good site if you wish.
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