Cars lost in Woolsey Fire

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    I have begun hearing stories of some of the significant cars lost in the Woolsey fire, undoubtedly the first of many. Gary Cerveny has apparently lost his entire collection of around 30 cars, including a Dino. I've heard of many other collections and garages lost but those have yet to be confirmed. There were some great cars that called the area home (both Ferraris and otherwise) and I'm hoping they all made it out.

    This thread can be used to discuss those losses but I'd also like to offer my help. To any f-chatters affected by the fires, I live in the area and am available to help clean, search or otherwise offer my support in the aftermath of this mess. Shoot me a DM if you or someone you know is looking for an extra set of hands.
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    There was something on TV about two Ferraris in a garage, but I didn't pay enough attention to hear the outcome.
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    Thats really sad for the Cerveny collection loss.
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    A lot of interesting cars evacuated to the Zuma Beach parking lot.
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    romano schwabel
    photos please

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