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Central States Region 2004 Track Event

Discussion in 'Chicago' started by pma1010, Jan 11, 2004.

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    The application forms for this year's event are on the FCA Central States Region Website, located here:

    Brief details: May 14 - 16, Gingerman Raceway. Gingerman is a couple of hours trip from Chicago, located just outside beautiful South Haven, Michigan. We have a mix of track time and entertainment and spouses/significant others are welcome.

    For those of you who look at this and are "not sure", I started a couple of years ago and am having a great time with track days. Each year we have a group of patient and talented instructors, able to take experienced drivers and novices alike and help them enjoy their cars in a relaxed and informal setting. We've all got around the circuit in one piece too! Joking aside, it is a great opportunity to "try things out" and if you haven't attended before, don't worry, each year about 30% of the people are "new" or "first timers". It is great fun, the wail of the 3x8s, Daytona's, F40s, 333, Challenge cars etc has to be heard to be believed.

    There will be some interesting equipment this year and we are hoping to be able to announce a feature attraction...

    There is a discount for early sign up and we are expecting a good turnout this year so I recommend you book early. Feel free to contact me if you have questions (my contact details are on the app.)

    Now, back to all those winter projects...

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