Chevy Service Rant: Are Ferrari mechanics the same?

Discussion in 'Other Off Topic Forum' started by Kenny94945, Jan 25, 2004.

  1. Kenny94945

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    Nov 1, 2003
    Marin Calif
    At least it is on warranty.

    Is it likely, if I purchased a Ferrari, that Ferrari mechanics and service would offer the same "boo-boos" or is their experinence better?

    Well here's the rant on my C5 Corvette:

    1 - I told the service writer that the immediate problem is the drivers side sensor/bearing and that the code is still in the system to insure no mix up with the terms left and right I said driver’s side. Even joked with him about that. Corvette computer display the code number on the dash.
    1-A Of course, the tech installed the wrong side. I took three months to get this fix and apparently when I first drove in and reported this, the code 1226 was in the system as they pulled it and wrote it down. Apparently.

    2 - They broke a steel brake line on this wrong side...else I would never have known and I would still have code 1225. They called to say, "we have a problem".
    2-A While installing, they did not secure brake caliper; dangling on it's weight the Goodridge steel brake line/ hose broke at the fitting.
    2-B The caliper has impact marks from the fall.

    So I bring them a brake line, as it is an upgraded line.

    3 - While there I ask them if they ran the code and they ran the current code and found...yep driver's side 1225.
    3-A Can we say back assward.
    3-B As this is now a loser to re-do 1226, they go and repair 1225 also.

    So for this burden, I am set with two new front sensors, even though my warranty goes to 2006. Even wear, which is a good thing in a sports car.

    4 - And let not jacking pucks...they raised it my aftermarket rocker panel impact protector rails. Corvette body work wraps under the frame, so these pucks insert to add a surface when one can lift the car.
    4- This cracked the drivers side lower rear mounting bolt area…again.

    So now I go and get them the high tolerance (Ford Hi Performance) wet and dry boiling point brake fluid.

    Of course there is a parts delay for the second sensor.

    So now it is the next day, and I decide my expertise could help the mechanic with the routing/ twisting of the brake line so it doesn't hit the tire. I also have a feeling that I need to help tie up the caliper on the driver side when they remove the wheel. (Also, this is when I get the truth about how the brake line broke). I have a conversation with the mechanic pointing out the Kent-Moore jacking pucks and the inserts in the frame and also point out the recommend emergency jacking points along with everything I know to help him fix the car (and a couple jokes) and then I leave.

    So now I pick up the vehicle.

    5 – Within one mile code 1225 sets again.
    5A – So I pull the drivers wheel myself. I find the oval shaped rubber seal to the new sensor wiring harness clip is missing. Call the shop. Yep they have it still on the old part so I go and pick it up. I also check the pig tail wiring harness from the sensor to the main harness and amps go through it….even jiggling it around. Then I check the main harness and I get volts on one of the two wire. I assume this is OK. As a last resort, I bend the female electric connectors so they would fit tighter.

    6 – Now I am scared, so I also pull the passenger side to see if this same part was left out.
    6A – I find brake fluid stains in the plastic black wheel house (won't clean off). A broken rubber brake bleeder rubber cap and, of course, air in the brake line, but the oval rubber seal part was there.
    6-B I die-electric grease the fitting at the sensor, bleed the brakes and plastic repair the rear of the fender….repair everything, except the rubber cap which I do not have. Oh ya, also clean the brake fluid off the inner rim, tire and a-arm.

    Went on a eight mile test drive and no codes set. The mechanic did tell me they checked the front toe (after I mentioned this is in the repair manual for this procedure)and it was the same on each side, so I guess the way they replaced the sensors (only broke loose the lower ball joint, removed the rotor) no alignment is called for. Seems to drive as good as usual so it is fixed (I hope).

    I really truly am giving up on GM service.

    I think I will just not respond to this dealer's CSI survey.

    As long as the code doesn't’t reset, I only have to order the bleeder cap, double check for wear on the brake line where it touches the shock, remove the bleeder, install the cap and re-bleed the system.

    I am done ranting now.

    But I am curious, is this comedy of errors (forgeting parts, not knowing how to lift a car, dangling calipers etc.) the same with Ferrari service? Maybe Allen could add about Lamborghini service?
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  3. aawil

    aawil Formula 3

    Aug 10, 2002
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    Sounds pretty bad even for chevrolet service.It should be common sense especially to a mechanic to support that caliper with a close hanger or something.Letting it dangle on it's own weight is just asking for trouble.I think you need a new dealer for service they can't all be that bad.
  4. sduke

    sduke Formula Junior

    Mar 10, 2003
    The Hub City, Texas
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    Steven D

    You MUST reply to the CSI survey. Situations like this need to be addressed. I am a Master Toyota Technician and this sort of thing impacts ALL technicians that actually give a ****. There is absolutely NO excuse for this kind of service. If I sent out a vehicle in this condition, Mr. Toyota would personally fly to Texas to terminate my employment.

    The negative CSI will directly effect the service department at the dealership. A low CSI rating can prevent a dealership from receiving their allotment of cars. I would not stop there. I would contact the Chevrolet Service Representative in your area. The dealership must provide his name and contact info. Contact the Chevrolet Consumer Help Department. Their number is in your owners manual. You should even contact the dealer principle. Make your concerns very well known. If you do not get some kind of satisfaction from the dealership, never darken their door again. Tell everyone you know about the lousy (and dangerous) service produced by the dealership.

    Your service situation is unacceptable even if you drove a Yugo.

    good luck
  5. rudy

    rudy Formula Junior

    Jan 13, 2004
    Los Angeles California
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    Rudy Hassen
    But I am curious, is this comedy of errors (forgeting parts, not knowing how to lift a car, dangling calipers etc.) the same with Ferrari service? Maybe Allen could add about Lamborghini service?[/QUOTE]

    Only Ford and BMW have matched this level of incompetence. Actually, BMW is worse. Ferrari, Lexus, Mercedes, Acura have all been fine in the past. Now, Mercedes sucks. In particular, WI Simonson in Santa Monica California REALLY suck in every way.
  6. tbakowsky

    tbakowsky F1 World Champ
    Consultant Professional Ferrari Technician

    Sep 18, 2002
    The Cold North
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    I hate to say this..but yes. Every dealership has one or 2 guys that cannot fix a car worth beans. I have seen it first hand. If you happen to be the unfortuante customer who ends up with one of these clowns working on your car, the god be with you. One thing I always tell my customers who have cars still under warrenty, is to be sure that the same mechanic works on your car all the time. Find they guy you can trust and meet him/her in person. Do not fall for the customers are not allowed in the shop thing. If they insist then tell them to get the mechanic so you can talk to them. This way the mechanic knows that car owner is not just another customer. He can put a face to the car he/she is working on..and this somtimes is enough for the tech to go that extra mile for good service.

    Ferrari dealerships are the same as anyother. They also have there yahoo mechanics. Most F-car dealerships would rather not work on the older stuff. They just want to plug in the scan tool and replace parts. Just like the GM dealers. They don't have the true tech that can work on carbs and cis injection. The guys that do know this stuff are more then likley running their own shops.

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  8. yesod

    yesod Formula Junior

    Nov 2, 2003
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    Reminds me of when I got my tires changed a couple of years ago on my porsche.

    When i get there to pick up my car the asst manager comes up to and says that they had a problem. He took me out to the shop and shows me that they broke the three of the lugnuts off the driver's rear wheel. There is basically no way of getting them off and that I would have to take the car and get them cut off. He said that they broke them by hand and that they did not use a gun to get them off. He said we do all Porsches and Jags by hand because the lugnuts were soft metal.

    I started looking at the three other tires that they did get changed and got really mad. My tires on the back are wider than the ones in the front and I found that they had put one of my back tires on the front driver's side. I walked around to the other side and found a tire that wasn't even mine. It was a 60 series tire and it was scrubbing the inside of the fender. I quickly point all this out and the guy says they will take care of it. So i went back into the waiting area and watched them get the two fronts right. Well guess what I saw. They were using an air gun to take off the lug nuts! Not 5 minutes earlier the guy swore that they did all porsches by hand with a lug wrench. When confronting the Asst manager, he didn't just shrugged it off and said they were not going to pay to get someone to fix the lug nuts they screwed up. I ended up leaving and going home to make some calls. After talking to someone high up in the company I finally got them to agree to pay for it.

    It took me about 2 weeks to find some one to do it. Nobody wanted to touch it. I lived in a smaller city at the time and porsches were pretty rare. I finally got someone to do it and it cost the place about $400.

    I can't beleice how incompetent some of these people are.
  9. TCM

    TCM Formula Junior

    Nov 10, 2003
    Tyngsborough, MA
    I agree with the above statements. It makes no difference what car dealership you go to, they are all the same regarding technicians. All they know how to do is read codes and replace parts. They do not spend the time to diagnose anything. For emample, if your 02 sensor sends an error message to the ecu, they replace the 02 sensor instead of looking for something that would cause the 02 sensor to get a high reading. The real mechanics are the ones who run their own shops and take the time to diagnose things.

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