CHRA Announces Porsche/Ferrari Challenge Series

Discussion in 'Florida' started by BartonWorkman, Jul 7, 2005.

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    Tim Pendergast, formerly of HSR is starting up new historic and sports racing
    sanctioning body. Ferrari Challenge and Porsche Cup driver may find the following of interest...


    CHRA Announces Porsche/Ferrari Challenge Series

    Tampa, FL (July 7, 2005) ˆ CHRA today announced a new series they will include at all race events. The series will include classes for Porsche 911 and 993 Carrera Cup cars as well as Ferrari 348 and 355 Challenge cars and will pit the cars in head to head competition.

    "Historic racing's primary competitor group is the gentleman driver. The Ferrari Challenge and Porsche Carrera Cup were ultimately developed for this same group of drivers, but on a larger scale. This is a perfect match." said Steve Kibble, of CHRA. "There are quite a number of these cars sitting with no place to race. The cars are pretty evenly matched and should provide good, close, competitive racing, thus offering a great show."

    The cars will run to a set of rules that allows some modifications for parts no longer available as originally raced (example: the rear suspension sub-frames on the Ferrari 348 Challenge cars). Other parts available for modification need to be approved by CHRA and Technical Director Steve Kibble. Steve can be reached at: or (770) 401-9243.

    Any competitors with cars that fit into any of these four classes, interested in running, should contact CHRA at: Information is also available on the CHRA we site:

    Tim Pendergast
    Director Operations and Promotions

    Phone: 352-895-0760 <>
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    I sent in my registration for CHRA today and will run a 355Challenge. Mike will hopefully register as well and run a Porsche Cup car.

    Charlie had expressed some interest and in conjunction with JMB I can offer driving seats in 3 Challenge cars that can be rented for the event.

    Get in touch with me.

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