Cold Weather Technology

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    Got wool or Polartec? There are so many Polartec & Gore-Tex fabrics it’s hard to keep up w/ the technology. What is your favorite below freezing coat/wear? What for just below? I’ve been wearing a The North Face Denali under a Patagonia shelled Synchilla for 2 weeks to work but it’s only in the 20s. It takes the car 15 min + to warm up so the needle moves but then I’m toasty. Leather driving gloves thin so I can feel everything.
    Have wool slippers I wear w/ Acorn Polartec socks in the house. Or Lands End fleece boots w/ wool socks. My feet are still cold.
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    I have a polar bear coat insulated with California Condor down and trimmed with Black-Footed Ferret fur.
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    What, no baby harp seal?

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