Continuing Saga...Tale of Two Desperate Men...

Discussion in 'F1' started by jknight, Jun 22, 2009.

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    In today's saga of 'BeMax Days of Our Lives in the Fast Lane' we find two very desperate men, one watching his cash cow deflate and the other fearing for his loss of power and control. . . . and now we join the show already in progress . . . . . .

    from crash net

    Max Mosley has dismissed as a joke his reference to some members of the Formula One Teams' Association as 'loonies'. With tensions already high between the group and the FIA President, Toyota's John Howett on Sunday said the Mosley jibe was ‘unhelpful’ and ‘unnecessary’.

    Mosley had also said Flavio Briatore ‘sees himself as the Bernie’ of a breakaway series, to which the Renault boss replied: "I never get personal. Max should stop insulting people."

    It is suggested that the 'loonies' dig was also directed towards Ferrari's Luca di Montezemolo: "Montezemolo and I have known each other nearly 40 years and I get along with him fine on a personal level," Mosley said.

    "Flavio is great on a personal level but obviously sometimes when you have got something as complex as Formula One, you can have disagreements about how things operate within the sport. But on a personal basis we've always got along fine."

    Mosley explained that he travelled to the Silverstone circuit on Sunday in Briatore's own helicopter.

    He said the 'loonies' label referred to those FOTA members who are presently not willing to discuss a solution, while others in the alliance "are the moderates who want to talk."

    "It's more of a jokey reference than anything else.

    I don't think they are literally loonies, but I think they are a little bit immoderate in their approach," said Mosley.

    It is believed the softening of Mosley's stance on Sunday, including vowing to drop the legal action against Ferrari and FOTA and suggesting peace is near, may be a reaction to rumours that a vote to expel him may be called for at Wednesday's World Motor Sport Council.

    Bernie Ecclestone confirmed he is desperate to see the situation resolved.

    "I have given 35 years of my life and more to Formula One," said the 78-year-old. "My marriage broke up because of Formula One. So I am sure as hell not going to let things disintegrate over what is, in the end, basically nothing."

    If a solution is not found, he doubts anyone would have the time or money to establish a breakaway series.

    "If that (series) started, everybody would be suing everybody else and there would be no other series. There would be nothing. Everyone would spend a fortune on lawyers and nothing will happen," said Ecclestone.

    * * * * * * * *
    truly two desperate men

    GO FOTA ! ! !

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    I find quite interesting that someone think that "Bernie" is an insult...
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    Basically nothing huh? Than why not let FOTA get a bigger share?
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    Desperate indeed, which I find quite hilarious..

    The next step is the important one.

    Whilst PornoMax again back tracks with his loonies statement, it's the FIA members call now, have they really had enough of defending him, will they do the right thing this Wednesday, and vote him into a retirement home for crazed lunatics, that require 24/7 care.

    We must bear in mind last time with his perverse sex life scandal, he was voted back in because unlike in most other professions
    where the person would retire to save face of the said organization ect, the pig headed Mosley didn't.

    Now why was this..? Can be due to the fact an Arab gentleman later admitted that he had personally organized the necessary votes. A few months later said gent became FIA Vice President...:rolleyes:

    So you see he may have the vote already boxed off in his favour, it maybe about money, but it is also who has the power to decide where the money goes, remember it was Max who gave Bernie the 100 year rights.

    The FIA members this time I really hope smell blood as normal in politics, and there were alot not in favour of him being voted back in last time, a number of big FIA clubs were not happy with the result.

    I have read there is a guy called Michel Boeri, a lawyer from Monaco, who has headed the Automobile Club there since 1972. His only real aim is to ensure that Monaco retains the prestige of having the Monte Carlo Rally and the Monaco GP but he is too old for the job himself. What he knows is that the Prince will not be happy if he messes up as much of Monaco’s income depends on tourism. So… which side will he be on? Will he want to see the Monaco GP being disputed between a Manor and a Campos, or would he perhaps prefer Ferrari versus McLaren? His crowd is made up largely of Italians…

    From what I glean, the FOTA are preparing to break away whatever happens, they have alot of support, so it remains to be seen how the FIA members vote, as it is now clear the main objective is the removal of Mosley.

    Bernie will be doing some serious head scratching right now, but rest assured I will be watching Ferrari race wherever they go, and it would be safe to assume even if folk that don't support Ferrari, will do the same because there the ones to beat..IMO.

    Monaco is also a key factor.

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