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Discussion in '348/355' started by mymelody12, Jul 12, 2019 at 1:33 AM.

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    Hi Gents,

    I am relatively very new to the forum, and I first want to thank the audience, admin and supporters for this forum and opportunity looking to get help.

    I have recently engaged myself in getting LHD 1999 F355. I live overseas, so supplies of used F355 is very scarce. I wanted to get 6 speed, but after years of searching, I settled myself with an F1.

    With great interest I read threads about a gentleman who converted his F1 to 6 speed, so I start this thread in hopes to get some help from the experts.

    I am currently in the midst of making a list of parts I need for conversion. Eurospare was a great place to check parts I need.

    For pedal box set, I need some guidance. Does it matter if I get a used LHD pedal box or RHD pedal box?
    I presume 1999 is BOSCH, but I also wonder whehter getting a non-BOSCH pedal box also matters.

    I found below two pedalboxes on ebay. Although both are for manual, the housing looks different. Do you know if any of the two would fit into 1999 F1?

    I also wonder whether difference between RHD and LHD merely comes down to direction of the pedal legs (direction that they were bent).

    In any case, I wish to post more pics as I pick up the car next weekend and start the conversion process.

    Many thanks!

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  2. Qavion

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    Ian Riddell
  3. MAD828

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    Elliott Caras
    Also F1 is a 6 speed.
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    If your car is LHD get LHD parts, they are very different as pointed out. Also on the pedal box, I’d guess you have Bosch ABS on your 99 so get a pedal box for Bosch not Treves as those are also completely different. I have about 15 pedal boxes but I only ship within the l48 now so that doesn’t help you unless you have a friend in the states I could sent it to and they could get it to you.
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    Considering that most every one lives over seas from some were. Were are you located?
  6. angelo puglisi

    Mar 27, 2006
    355 or 348 pedal boxes are both the same you can use either one, and accelerator pedals are the same.

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