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Discussion in 'Vintage (thru 365 GTC4)' started by footUNDER, Jan 28, 2012.

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    I had a wonderful conversation with Dr. Buzzelli who was the long time owner of my 330 GT SN 8523 from 1978 until 1995. Dr. Buzzelli had studied at the University di Bologna in the 60's where he fell in love with Ferrari's. Below is a recap of our conversation.

    Dr. Buzzelli bought it from an anesthesiologist who lived in Milam and later moved to Youngstown, Ohio. Said Dr. Ciotti brought it with him from Italy to the US even thought his wife hated the car because they had kids and it was too loud. At some point he had even installed orange suede leather. She still hated the car – so he was griping about it and a friend of Dr. Buzzelli's said my friend will buy it.

    So Dr. Buzzelli gets this call about a Ferrari. Dr. Buzzelli says I'll come take a look. His friend says hell it's perfect and you have bought it already. So he drives up with his $9K on a Sunday in 1978 to buy a car he hasn't haven't even seen yet. Car is perfect. Dr. Ciotti's wife is a just difficult/terrible and won't let me leave because it is raining outside. So I have to wait until the rain stops later that afternoon to be able to drive the car home to Pittsburg (45 minutes away)

    In 1980 I take the car to the FCA National Meet in Hersey, Pennsylvania and take 2nd place.
    This is what got me into FCA and Ferraris.

    He sold the car in 1993 to Jim Levine in California. Jim Levine had a Testarossa for sale for $250K that Dr. Buzzelli wanted. So Dr. Buzzelli traded him SN 8523 (for $150K) + $100K cash. Dr. Buzzelli got the Testarossa and Jim Levine didn't come collect the 330 GT or Title for over 2 years – 1995. During that time Dr. Buzzelli kept driving the car and keeping it in great shape… didn't know what happened to the buyer. Then out of the blue – Jim Levine calls and says "do you still have that 330 GT"?

    Dr. Buzzelli goes on to say that he has owned 12 Ferraris – and they were his retirement
    330 GT
    365 GTC
    330 GTC
    Daytona Coupe
    Daytona Spyder
    400 SuperAmerica Convertible
    Dino Coupe
    Dino Prototype
    Lusso (he bought brand new) and sold to David Letterman
    And some other prototype I didn't know about

    Cool phone conversation indeed as far as the story of 8523 goes. Has anyone else on here had the pleasure to deal with Dr. Philip B Buzzelli? Additionally, does anyone know how to get in touch with Jim Levine? Maybe Jim is who restored the interior from the orange suede?

    Oh well... thought sharing this phone conversation on FerrariChat would help preserve the story of my 330 GT Serial Number 8523. And thanks Philip for sharing your story... can't wait to get those old photos you are going to send my way.
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    Please tell us you will post an orange upholstery photo.
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    Marc B.
    Just came across your post accidentally. So I am Phil Buzzelli's son, Marc. Nice post, I enjoyed reading it. Unfortunately my Dad passed back in June, 2016. Yes, quite the collection back in the day. Unfortunately he sold most of them. I have the 512 BB and Fiat Dino Spider now. Thanks again for the nice post.
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    Thanks! I love tales like that.
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