Could/Should/Would we come up with a collaborative PPI checklist for TR's?

Discussion in 'Boxers/TR/M' started by xplodee, Jul 19, 2020.

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    I own my TR but one thing that would have been really nice when I was buying mine and for all others who buy one in the future, would be a collaborative PPI checklist that we could come up with here and offer to those who do their research.

    The guy who inspected my TR (sphere motorsports in TX) was nice enough but totally glazed over some obvious issues (glove box wouldn't even close properly) and totally focused on others that were just not that big a deal or that he thought were a big deal but were totally normal for a TR (the horse embossing on the headrests are poor on every TR I've ever seen, not a red flag or worth mentioning). These were just to describe things in the interior of the car.

    I would think the list would be fairly extensive such as checking that the car is in trim with fuel sniffing, a mirror to the gearbox access cover or check gearbox oil, differential check by rotating wheel, fuse box inspection, proper function of ALL interior buttons and controls, lights, car starts properly when hot, AC actually works and didn't just have a charge before the PPI, etc etc etc.

    I would also add a page that shows left/right/front/back and top of car for them to enter MULTIPLE paint depth readings per panel and dings/scratches, specifically calling out areas that we all know suffer the most from paint damage and general driving wear.

    What do you guys think? Seems like something we should do. I wouldn't mind collecting the info and putting it together.
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    romano schwabel
    to inspect a TR is the same as if you inspect other cars. nothing special.and to inspect right it takes minimum 6 hours, and even then you are noit sure that you have overseen some :(
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