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    One of the first things I wanted installed when I bought my 458 was a dash cam. I think they are cheap insurance against a false claim in an accident, vandalism, or even just re-living a moment that happened. I've tried many different brands of cameras and settled on BlackVue as being the best option. They aren't cheap, but they're damn good.

    I was having the headliner repaired in my 458 so I took the opportunity while the upper trim was already removed to install the camera and get the wires run. It's definitely a job that you can DIY if you set aside a couple of hours and some patience. It would be even faster if you're only installing a single camera instead of front and rear, or installing just the camera and no battery backup. But, I highly recommend the battery system if you ever plan to park the car somewhere other than at home. I've already had "parking mode" come in handy when a jerk put gum on my F430.

    If you don't fell like DIY installation, there's likely shops near you that will do an install. The DashCam Store here in Austin charges in the $3-500 range for an installation I believe (don't quote me on that).


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    Thanks for the review - I'm shopping around for a cam for my truck right now.

    I've actually seen some of your other videos on YouTube before; always interesting

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    Hey Dan! Long time follower of your YT channel, great to see you in here! Agreed, Blackvues are the best, got them mounted in all my cars (including company cars). Keep the videos coming and send my regards to Meg!

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