Daytona Auto Toronto

Discussion in 'Canada' started by ONSilver, Nov 12, 2020.

  1. ONSilver

    ONSilver Karting

    May 26, 2008
    Oakville, Ontario
    Never dealt with them before or even visited them. They are advertising a used Maserati 4200 GT I may be interested in, but it seems they are asking a very over market price.

    Any thoughts, experiences, suggestions?
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  3. tantumaude

    tantumaude Formula Junior
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    Mar 3, 2016
    Burlington, Canada
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    I looked at them a few years ago when I was car shopping. They seem to be very good (at least by reputation) at servicing, and sell to an interesting section of the wealthier end of the client spectrum--those clients who want a simple deal with a sorted car at a price commesurate with their lack of interest in the shopping process.
  4. max930

    max930 F1 Veteran
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    Apr 16, 2017
    I've never done business with them. From online price shopping, they seem to be in the high end price wise on their inventory. Don't know if their inventory warrants higher prices.
  5. Nuvolari

    Nuvolari F1 Veteran
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    Sep 3, 2002
    Toronto / SoCal
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    Rob C.
    I have both bought a car from Daytona Auto Center and had service work done there. During the process where money was going from myself to them it was conveniently pleasant.

    The moment I brought up a problem with the transaction (a freshly rebuilt engine still on the stand and not installed making a 12 inch puddle of oil on the ground in a 24 hour period) I was first ignored for weeks and eventually when I went to their door to talk I was sat down and talked down to like a little child for 20 mins all the while being sworn at and being told that I was lucky that they did the work for me. Mind you I never once raised my voice, cursed, or threatened. I approached them civilly and always remained as such. Needless to say I got nowhere.

    Concerned, the engine was completely dis-assembled and the degree of incompetence in assembly was shocking. These included fasteners JB welded in, the clutch in backwards, loose fasteners, and (the cause of the leak) a missing O-ring in the oil system that appears clearly in the parts diagram. Eventually I re-did the whole job myself making my payment to them a total waste. I will add that from my end I paid my bill immediately and never haggled or asked for a special price. They set the price and I paid.

    I could go on but in short I was staggered how badly I was treated at Daytona Auto Center in Woodbridge. Fresh Ferrari engine re-builds should not leak oil before they are even put in the car! Lucky for me the engine gave me these warnings because, had I run it in the car, there was a high degree of probability that I would have had a catastrophic failure destroying the original engine on a vintage Ferrari.

    This was not my only negative experience with Daytona, and speaking to others, I know that I am far from alone. Caveat Emptor in the EXTREME.
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  6. ONSilver

    ONSilver Karting

    May 26, 2008
    Oakville, Ontario
    Thank you for sharing. Oliver
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